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Why NFH? mmm

We understand what people want to say and use our creative thinking to say it in ways that surprise, engage and inform. 

We are not advertising agency. 

Nor new media magic firm. 

We do the same things they do. Just differently. 

How? We think cross platforms. We see the big picture. We are multidiscipline and like to combine our resources of great people with our projects. 

The result is high end design, smart and exciting work. 

The first level of doing creative & good projects is to work with creative and good people.
We can’t fit one definition. We are graphic designers & package designers. We think in 2 dimensions and live 3. 

We collaborate the best team to every project, and we always work with the person who fits the job. 

NFH is nothing like what you know and this is why you will want to work with us.


Branding and Identity Design

·         Brand Identity  

·         Logo Design

·         Marketing Campaign

·         Brand Language

·         Signage

Package Design

·         Packages Lines – Concept Design

·         Die line – Design and Development

·         Packages Materials Consulting 

·         Print – Preprint and Control 

Branding Strategy

·         Brand Strategy Development

·         Visual Language Development

·         Marketing Research

Print and Marketing Materials

·         Stationery (Business cards, Envelopes and Letterheads)

·         Catalogues, Flyers and Invitations Design

·         Advertisements

·         Flyers

·         Annual Reports 

·         Exhibitions and Special Events Design


·         Websites Design and Development

·         Websites Upgrades

·         Banners

·         Websites Characterization

·         User Interface Design  

·         Support 

·         Internet Consulting

Information and Consulting


  :We always look for new challenges.  If you wish to receive an original creative solution please contact us

Gili Bar-Shay:

Some of Our Clients

GN Architects
Eran Shvartzbard
Film Platform
IDH Properties
Oppenheim Project
Serenity Movers
De’Plus Productions
Taavura Holdings Ltd. Israel
Rom Kineret Ltd
Gershoni Shlomovitz, Lawyers