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10 בJuly 2013

The ongoing argument, what’s more important, content or image… Architecture studio website


To design a website for a design studio, it is a very complicated mission. We had to design a website for an international architecture studio, The projects are from a wide range, from hotels to private residency, fro, showrooms to stores etc’/ The idea was to emphasizes the creativity, professionalism, user experience - all together with a young dynamic studio that keeps motives of ongoing searches for the new thing. Today the argument between what’s sell more, or the right way to say it, what Google makes us believe that sells more –  are the words…We come from the world of visual. we mow how to imagine much better then using words. Maybe one day we will get back again to the world where few words meant much and one image meant 1000 words…In the this project the visual won’ the visual went head to head with Google spider and told him: ” I dont care about you. Words you can find in a different place” -Always follow your beliefs



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