Video Mapping

VideoMapping_Zappa_NotFromHere_זאפה A project in collaboration with the wonderful Urbanox studio. Sometime you have to be imaginative, then close your eyes and see the magic begins. Branding thinking, for moving spaces, for walls. The topic of video mapping, can upgrade space and create dynamic and changing walls. An experience that takes our senses forward in some […]

MyHeritage The story behind the DNA tests that conquered the world

When Gilad Yafet, a young software engineer, decided to take a year off from work, he did not imagine his private hobby will develop into a unique startup worth $133 million a year. His company, My Heritage, is an Israeli startup that has developed a website that is a social network of pedigrees under the […]

NotFromHere on the designers magazine

It’s nice to have an article written about you and tell you that your work is inspiring people and fun – so it’s really an honor. We really love what we do and believe in the way. For us – – It’s All About Branding … In a dynamic, curious and ever-changing world, NFH studio […]

6000Sq_Meter of Parking Signage Design

So try to close your eyes and imagine 6000 square meters … Bavli’s parking lot, a three-story underground parking lot. The attitude to car parking signage design in a tenant tower is different from public parking design, the designer can enjoy a privilege of design that maintains more minimalistic values. In this project we actually […]

How To design a package for a surfer stand

When we are challenged, it is always the most fun. At first glance the product looks really big and with illogical angles, there is this moment that goes through the mind of how this thing is going to get into the packaging. So close your eyes and think of the surfboard and think of the […]

How to design a package for a smart glasses

A company that aims to re-imagine everyday life in a revolutionary business that is changing the way users experience information. They do this through the development of AR, getting all the extras in the lens. Everysight’s flagship products are raptor glasses specifically designed for cyclists. Technological apparel offers users real-time information while riding on speed, distance, heart […]

How to build a brand for coffee

There is so much behind this sentence how to build a brand, and it is also clear that no matter how good the designer’s work will be. Without the right story behind it and without a strong product and powerful marketing work – we did nothing … But if we can summarise, then I think […]

Mindfulness & Package design

Packaging design through a mindfulness perspective published by advertisers such as Weird, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Shabble and the Holpington Pos. In our stressed world, the keyword Mindfulness We have approached to design a packaging in a soothing and gentle design that will put their customers in a state of euphoria when the bracelets reach their doorstep. […]

Branding & product design for GPS bracelet

An innovative device designed to help travellers incase of emergency. The bracelet is elegantly designed and easy to use that allows users to wear it. The bracelet is marketed as a fashionable accessory, allowing anyone and everyone to get the help they need when they are in need. Designed for easy and simple use, the […]