101Cafe. Fresh Coffee Brand.

101 Cafe is a private boutique coffee label that we worked on from its inception to develop the brand name, language and look.

We aimed for a unique look that reflected the idea of fresh coffee and developed brown bags to house the coffee.

In addition to presenting the idea of fresh coffee, we wanted 101 Cafe to become more than a name, rather a community of people. The community was to be founded on the ideas of passion, curiosity, creativity and friendship and we wanted to bring all of this out in our designs.

We approached this by harnessing the idea of a coffee blend. We set out on a journey to find 101 stories about friends and coffee. The journey involved 101 people, 101 businesses, 101 individual moments and culminated in the 101 Cafe.

NFH is the owner of the brand and we always try to bring our design values and approach to other areas of our daily life. The whole project resulted in a stylish new brand complete with its own graphics, packaging, dielines and plans.

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