Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza. The art of a sign

Crowne Plaza is an international chain of hotels that commissioned us to do the signage design for its new Post Palais hotel in Berlin.

The Post Palais hotel is in a famous old Berlin building that was previously a post office. When we approached the signage, we decided to take our inspiration from the actual line art of the building.

By examining the building’s structure, we developed a line art image, effectively creating a version of the building that was made out of lines. We then made this image out of black metal.

The project resulted in stylish signage for the new hotel that reflected the unique structure of the building and captured its historical significance as Berlin’s post office.

We have now been working with GNA (Gal Nauer Architects), the firm that was commissioned to renovate and convert the historic Post Palais building, for more than 12 years. During that time we have worked on a number of different design projects.

Gal Nauer, the CEO of the firm, said the following,

“It has been my pleasure to be working with Gili, she excels others in her field.  She brings distinctive individuality to her design work, while at the same time surprising the highest professional standards of conceptualization.”

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