Everysight. Wearable technology.

Everysight is a company that develops high-end wearable technology, specifically eyewear, and commissioned us to design packaging for its product.

The main product inside the packaging is sophisticated Gmart Glasses for cyclists. The challenge was to develop a package that met the same high standards as the product.
Furthermore, it had to be flexible enough to accommodate two possible configurations, the regular product and a bundle package.

This type of project requires an extremely high level of accuracy as things had to fit exactly. The solution we found was to have two levels of packaging, one for the main product and one for its accessories. We developed the internal part of the packaging by creating a mould for a high-end blister that snuggly accommodated the glasses.

It was a fantastic project to work on from the conceptual stage to the final product and it resulted in a truly stylish package for an equally stylish product.

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