Film Platform

Filmplatform Web Design, Graphics, Branding, And Creative Direction

FilmPlatform is a boon for the students and educators the world over thanks to its offering of hundreds of documentary films, streaming live at the click of a button. NFH was up to the task bringing this exceptional service to life on the web with complete control over branding, web design, graphics and overall creative direction. Now institutions and campuses can stream these films for their audiences in one convenient place with an intuitive layout, attractive design and a library of feature documentaries that expands every week. The long list of partners and clients drawn to Filmplatform is growing constantly and some of the most preeminent institutions around the world utilize the streaming service thanks in large part to our crisp design and branding efforts, including Columbia University, university of Notre Dame, Stanford University, and NYU.

From the words of the CEO: “We’ve loved working with Gili and the NotFromHere studio for the last four years. She was a vital part of the development process of our platform and has been contributing greatly ever since. We are constantly hearing great feedback from our clients regarding the design of our site, and the print materials and SWAG which we provide.
Gili is able not only to understand how to make our site stylish and visually appealing; she also provides invaluable insights as to the user experience and how to make the website as easy as possible for visitors to navigate. She is a dynamic creative thinker and we have seen that no challenge is too great for her! We love having her on our team!”
Elinor Kowarsky. CEO

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