Joovy. Babies brand.

Joovy is an international brand that produces a range of childcare products such as babies’ bottles and strollers.

They approached us in 2011 to help them develop a unique feeding line that would appeal to their target audience of young mothers that had recently given birth. The company is mainly focused on the United States where there is of course great competition within the market.

As a result, we had to create branding that would give Joovy real presence and immediately make their products stand out from the crowd. To that end, we decided to develop a high-end minimalistic line with a sleek and clean look that had not been used before for baby products. Furthermore, we also decided to appeal to the US market by adopting a distinctly European look.

Since the initial project in 2011, we have continued to work with Joovy on all of their products and to develop the brand and recognition. As a result, we have created a strong brand that is immediately recognisable with its distinctive look and messages.

We now create packaging for a number of Joovy products including strollers, baby gear, helmets, chairs and more.

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