My Heritage

My Heritage. DNA high end package.

My Heritage is a well-known online genealogy platform that helps its users trace their family history. As part of the process the company offers a DNA testing kit that allows gives people the chance to receive a breakdown of their genetic makeup and discover more about their origins.

We were commissioned to design packaging for the DNA testing kit that would be sent to customers around the world. It was My Heritage’s first offline product and it was essential to them that the product arriving in customers’ homes created a good and lasting impression.

In addition to the aesthetical considerations, we had to consider that the package would contain sensitive products that are subject to various regulations and restrictions.  Furthermore, the actual product being delivered was fairly uninspiring, two small plastic containers and two DNA swabs, and we had to make it exciting for the customer to receive.

We aimed to create a sense of anticipation for customers as they unwrap the package and at the same time invoke a sense of the journey they were embarking on.

The package also contains an envelope for the DNA tests to be sent back in. We are currently working on the second generation of the package having received a great deal of positive feedback about the first.

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