Tov BaRechov

Arts & Music Festival. Creative Direction

We have worked on this production for two and a half month. It’s hard to describe production of a festival. This whole project started from a sketched map we did on a brown cardboard. Making the outlines of the city with sharpies colors. The vision of the “Wake Up” was born. We wanted to bring the “old” city center alive. We all need to wake up sometimes…The creative vision here was to use old images of the city, almost burned black & white image with very strong touch of colors. This is a large scale project, from creative concept to the day of the festival, where you get to see 10000 people enjoy your work. From the first moment of the outdoor sign, to the ads on the magazines, to the social vibe of the people around. It’s all one big magic working on festivals, completely different the other projects we do, on festivals we actually get to see them full on.

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