Kalisch 2018

Kalisch 2018. Election Campaign

The romance between Einat Kalish and the studio began five years ago. Einat approached us after the previous election campaign and said that she marked us … and as the rest is history. We began to work on the election campaign, when the studio was responsible for the messages, and the creative. Work in this campaign was in all channels and platforms simultaneously. After planning meetings we understood that we were going for the strong brand: Kalish 2018. We worked in parallel with all the teams together, the messages, the digital & the streets. When everyone had a common goal, to communicate the brand we built for the one who is going to be the next mayor of Haifa. Every product that went into every visual area and delivered to Hart’s level in photographs passed through the studio. One thing was clear from the start of the campaign, this is not going to be another dull political campaign in the colors of blue and green and white. We understood that we had the opportunity to go all the way, and to bring a new spirit to the language of political campaigns, we were not afraid to be different and we were not afraid to go in the direction that no one did go before. Einat Kalish’s campaign is the second political campaign that the studio worked on. The first was Itay Gilboa. Now, after two elections and three candidates we ran, one thing is clear, that in order to win one must dare!

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