Aruga Branding, Content and Product Design

Coming to the home décor and gardening scene with a fresh new idea in a retro-style skin is the Aruga potted plant. These pots are designed to look great on shelves and survive with little maintenance. They come in an array of tasteful colors and in an assortment of beautiful, fragrant, useful and most of all, easy to grow plant varieties that can be enjoyed every day in the home. While potted plants in the home are nothing new, NFH set out to make the concept especially attractive to the growing audience of DIY home decorators, families and solo renters who want to spruce up their abode.

The pots are repurposed from paint can that are sealed with a special anti-rust coating. This way they’ll stay fresh and vibrant on shelves for as long as they’re kept in the home. We came out with a robust marketing strategy and designed a campaign to get the word out on these anything but ordinary houseplants, because we just plain love them, too.

Whether buying for a loved one, coworker, or one’s self, Aruga is a hit for so many reasons and we’re glad to have had a helping hand in making this product grow and grow.

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