Music, Art & Culture Festival

Tov BaRechov. Music, art & culture festival in Israel, happening these days.. 19/10/17. A great production of the “Man with the hat” with the NotFromHere team, led to this beautiful street festival. We work with the Man with the Hat for few years now, developing all kind of unique outdoor events. Always having the art as our main goal. We produce events that involve between the local businesses & the community.

The concept here was to bring back life to the “old boulevard” of Pardes Hana. We wanted to create this magic of old & new. I went to the local museum & met this beautiful lady, Irit, she & few others ladies are working as volunteers there. They help me find few images from the the late 50’s, how this was all started. I had the exact vision in my mind of how this is going to look’ sometimes you just know… Wake Up was the intuitive phrase to add to this year concept

Visit the F page of the festival: This is how it looks there…






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