MyHeritage Product Packaging Design By NotFromHere

Who wouldn’t want to know more about their history and where the story of their heritage will lead? When MyHeritage commissioned NotFromHere to design the test kit packaging for this unique service. Suffice to say, we were thrilled to take on the opportunity.

The project presented a special challenge in that it not only had to be beautiful, fitting the form and aesthetic of the brand’s product, but it also had to be durable enough to keep its sensitive contents, DNA swabs and plastic containers, intact during transport to the My Heritage labs.

The result was a spectacular design, featuring vibrant colour and cleverly-crafted graphic art. The package itself mimicked the nature of a double helix, asking users to unravel their DNA at both ends and open the box by sliding its two halves outward to reveal the vessels in which they’d commit their DNA for the genealogy detectives at MyHeritage.

The reception regarding this package design was overwhelmingly positive and we’re already hard at work on the second generation of MyHeritage DNA bundles.


Revealing the history of your family and your lineage is the mission of MyHeritage and they have been delivering the answers to curious customers for more than a decade. The company began as a garage startup in 2003 and has grown exponentially, with 88 million users in nearly 200 countries.

The service requests DNA samples from customers who procure a test kit from MyHeritage that will reveal specific data regarding a sample’s makeup, including ethnic origins broken down into percentages and assist in locating relatives based on DNA. Beyond lab findings, MyHeritage offers an online repository for realizing, maintaining, and distributing of a user’s family history.


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