Plaza New York Souvenirs and Memorabilia Packaging

The Plaza souvenirs and memorabilia project was a unique undertaking that featured a sharp and distinct design mirroring the Plaza New York’s upscale and sophisticated elegance.

For over 100 years the Plaza has been considered a place of distinction when it comes to culture, playing host to some of New York’s most lavish social affairs and setting the stage for many notable Hollywood films. Even now the Hotel serves as its own living museum, featuring memorabilia on display from notable celebrations, social and private affairs, and celebrated moments in history shared at the unmistakable Plaza. Throngs of professionals, tourists, and locals congregate at the Plaza New York throughout the year and its massive renovation has been the talk of the town.

This packaging project commemorates the revamping of the iconic hotel and honors the occasion with a remarkable souvenirs bundle design for the Plaza’s guests to enjoy for years after their visit. These sought-after collections include vintage luxury items such as ornately crafted door knobs, hinges, room number plates, and elegant “do not disturb” door hangers from the early Plaza. Along with our own personalized souvenir designs and packaging, high-end keepsakes and mementos within help preserve the history of one of New York’s oldest and most fascinating hotels.

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