Sonim Packaging and Branding

When cellphones were first beginning their takeover as the dominant communication device for users the world over, we had partnered with the Sonim brand. Touting the strongest mobile phones in the world, Sonim was looking for the strongest creative team in the world to deliver their phones to market with a precision campaign and packaging that customers couldn’t take their eyes off of; they’d take care of the rest.

Sonim phones are designed specifically for a rugged clientele that operate in the most demanding and hazardous of workspaces. Their mission to create the strongest phones in the world has been a successful one as Sonim continues to maintain its position as an industry leader when it comes to resilient and water-submersible mobile phones.

Completed more than a decade ago in 2006, our Sonim Packaging and Branding project remains a classic example of marketing and creative design coming together to form the perfect package for our client. Meeting the needs of Sonim to execute a razor sharp marketing campaign and create a sleek and attractive package that illustrated the phone’s qualities prior to the Enduro phone’s release ensured we’d deliver on our promise to create the perfect market entrance for Sonim.

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