Some classics has to be re-invented


When NotFromHere was asked to design the packaging for the best-selling toy of all time, we said ‘yes’ so quickly that it seemed like we had broken the world record for solving the toy itself, which stands at just under 4 seconds (!)… Crazy.The new smart and pioneering Hungarian cube, GoCube, for those who are not familiar, […]

NotFromHere unconventional wine packaging


NotFromHere Creative’s trademark packaging design for wine bottles shows the essence and the potential of using rigid cardboard for wine packaging. The package shows the unconventional use of the cardboard material. This design evokes our senses within the possibilities. within the idea that we can always think outside of the box. To order branded packages […]


NotFromHere Brand Agency logo design fitness training

NotFromHere team developed the brand identity for wearable technology with extensive knowledge in sports & movement. Tropx A technology company that designs & manufactures technological systems for analyzing physical activity paired with SMART sportswear.The journey from defining the different marketing messages to understanding how to communicate the problem, the solution, and the change we want […]

Area code 212 Latitude 972


Branding is such a complicated thing! It’s hard to decide what look and feel you want for your brand, then once you do it, where can you actually create the branding assets to use on all of your marketing materials? It’s highly important to know and to define the target market where you are going […]

What Is The Difference Between Branding And Packaging Design?

What exactly is the difference between branding and packaging design? While many people make these two things synonymous, you can’t talk about one without talking about the other. In short, packaging design encompasses all aspects of product presentation, including the name, label design, and overall look and feel of the actual box or container in […]

Package Design for TikTok Audience

#unboxing tiktok

A successful packaging design can elicit an emotional response, but that can be even more true on TikTok. The visual social media app has become one of the most prominent platforms for creating unboxing videos, which feature people opening products and showing them off to their audience in an entertaining way. #unboxing on TikTok has […]

First place award in Star of Israel in packaging design


What a fun to get up in the morning and find out that we won first place at Star of Israel in the packaging design competition. Star of Israel is the exclusive affiliate of the World Packaging Organization. The Star of Israel packaging design competition has been held for over 10 years in a row by […]