Some classics has to be re-invented


When NotFromHere was asked to design the packaging for the best-selling toy of all time, we said ‘yes’ so quickly that it seemed like we had broken the world record for solving the toy itself, which stands at just under 4 seconds (!)… Crazy.The new smart and pioneering Hungarian cube, GoCube, for those who are not familiar, […]

NotFromHere unconventional wine packaging


NotFromHere Creative’s trademark packaging design for wine bottles shows the essence and the potential of using rigid cardboard for wine packaging. The package shows the unconventional use of the cardboard material. This design evokes our senses within the possibilities. within the idea that we can always think outside of the box. To order branded packages […]

NotFromHere goes Beyond the BRANDS.

Venice Biannele 2023

NotFromHere was part of the Gal Nauer Architects’ installation team for the “Time Space & Existence” during the Venice Biennale 2023. ©NotFromHere This exhibition project challenged us to think beyond the norm. Usually in our daily routine, we build brands, we design packages for an awesome unboxing experience. It is far easy for creatives to […]


NotFromHere Brand Agency logo design fitness training

NotFromHere team developed the brand identity for wearable technology with extensive knowledge in sports & movement. Tropx A technology company that designs & manufactures technological systems for analyzing physical activity paired with SMART sportswear.The journey from defining the different marketing messages to understanding how to communicate the problem, the solution, and the change we want […]

Area code 212 Latitude 972


Branding is such a complicated thing! It’s hard to decide what look and feel you want for your brand, then once you do it, where can you actually create the branding assets to use on all of your marketing materials? It’s highly important to know and to define the target market where you are going […]

What Is The Difference Between Branding And Packaging Design?

What exactly is the difference between branding and packaging design? While many people make these two things synonymous, you can’t talk about one without talking about the other. In short, packaging design encompasses all aspects of product presentation, including the name, label design, and overall look and feel of the actual box or container in […]

Package Design for TikTok Audience

#unboxing tiktok

A successful packaging design can elicit an emotional response, but that can be even more true on TikTok. The visual social media app has become one of the most prominent platforms for creating unboxing videos, which feature people opening products and showing them off to their audience in an entertaining way. #unboxing on TikTok has […]

what “unboxing” videos have to do with product packaging

Unboxing From Space

The first unboxing video to be streamed online is a 2006 video of an IT team opening the package of a Nokia E61 phone. Compared to modern unboxing videos, this one is low-definition and quite unexciting. Be that as it may, with improving technology came improved videos displaying it. Today’s unboxing videos are high quality, […]

MyHeritage – Unboxing as a Marketing Strategy

MyHeritage NotFromHere Unboxing

Even before MyHeritage launched their first tangible product they provided their customers with an emotional experience. The company creates family trees, connecting people with their relatives and providing insight on their genealogy, helping millions around the world understand where they come from. When the company launched their first product, DNA testing kits, it was sure […]

Unboxing will give you score of 101

GoCube Unboxing packaging unboxing

Unboxing will give you score of 101 At a time where most of the modern consumer’s shopping is online, their first physical connection with our products is often the moment they receive a closed package in the mail. Accordingly, their first experience with the product & the brand is the act of opening the packaging. […]

First place award in Star of Israel in packaging design


What a fun to get up in the morning and find out that we won first place at Star of Israel in the packaging design competition. Star of Israel is the exclusive affiliate of the World Packaging Organization. The Star of Israel packaging design competition has been held for over 10 years in a row by […]

Pink October: Brands Working for Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October is breast cancer awareness month. Many brands turn up to help raise awareness and funds for the cause by “turning pink”, with a temporary change of logo or pink products with proceeds being donated to the cause.  We have had the honor of working on the branding and visual identity for […]

Celebrating the “Coming out national day” with a graphic approach


While doing some design work, I did some digging. Digging in the computer is something we usually do, I’m assuming that from hundreds of design projects, logo design, package design, branding, digital you name it 🙂 For every final selection, there are dozens of rounds and variations. This is why we do digging because there […]

How to Give the Best Holiday Gifts for Clients and Colleagues

The holidays are all about giving. Giving love to our family, giving attention to the people we love, giving thanks for what we have, and giving gifts to show our appreciation. As an agency, we like to give our clients gifts to show our gratitude for the business they entrust with us. And so does […]

Innovation in the face of COVID-19

There is much to be said about the world these past couple of years. With a global pandemic surging, very little has stayed the same as what we used to know. Many industries have had to adapt to meet their customers where they’ve been spending the better part of their time – at home. Companies […]

In respect for Nina Simone and National Women’s Day Aug 9 2021


9.8.2021 is national women’s day. I wanted to use this data and share a respect for one great woman. Nina Simone was a warrior, a big woman who live in very complicated times for women. In 2003 after her death, her daughter Simon established fundraising under her name we worked on the logo for the […]

A tribute to Milton Glazer and the city of Haifa where I was born

I Love NY

In 2001 I have graduated from a design school and went straight to New York. One of the timeless symbols of this city is the subliminal symbol of Milton Glazer I ❤️ NY – one can talk a lot and expand on how genius this designer was – and how with  minimum graphic elements he […]

Video Mapping

VideoMapping_Zappa_NotFromHere_זאפה A project in collaboration with the wonderful Urbanox studio. Sometime you have to be imaginative, then close your eyes and see the magic begins. Branding thinking, for moving spaces, for walls. The topic of video mapping, can upgrade space and create dynamic and changing walls. An experience that takes our senses forward in some […]

MyHeritage The story behind the DNA tests that conquered the world

When Gilad Yafet, a young software engineer, decided to take a year off from work, he did not imagine his private hobby will develop into a unique startup worth $133 million a year. His company, My Heritage, is an Israeli startup (well today it’s no longer considered to be a startup) that has developed a […]

NotFromHere on the designers magazine

It’s nice to have an article written about you and tell you that your work is inspiring people and fun – so it’s really an honor. We really love what we do and believe in the way. For us – – It’s All About Branding … In a dynamic, curious and ever-changing world, NFH studio […]

6000Sq_Meter of Parking Signage Design

So try to close your eyes and imagine 6000 square meters … Bavli’s parking lot, a three-story underground parking lot. The attitude to car parking signage design in a tenant tower is different from public parking design, the designer can enjoy a privilege of design that maintains more minimalistic values. In this project we actually […]

How To design a package for a surfer stand

כשמביאים אלינו אתגר, זה תמיד הכי כיף. בהתחלה במבט ראשון המוצר נראה ממש גדול ועם זוויות לא הגיוניות, יש את הרגע הזה שעוברת המחשבה בראש של איך הדבר הזה הולך להכנס לתוך פיתוח האריזה. אז עוצמים את העינים וחושבים על הגלשן וחושבים על הים – ואז יש את השלב של ההשראה – אז נכון שאני […]

How to design a package for a smart glasses

חברה שמטרתה לדמיין מחדש את היומיום, בעסק מהפכני שמשנה את הדרך שבה משתמשים חווים מידע. הם עושים זאת באמצעות פיתוח של AR, לקבל את כל המציאות באקסטרים בתוך העדשה. מוצרי הדגל של Everysight זה משקפי רפטור שמיועדים במיוחד לרוכבי אופניים. ההלבשה הטכנולוגית מציעה למשתמשים בזמן אמת תוך כדי רכיבה מידע על מהירות, מרחק, קצב הלב ומידע נוסף […]

How to build a brand for coffee

There is so much behind this sentence how to build a brand, and it is also clear that no matter how good the designer’s work will be. Without the right story behind it and without a strong product and powerful marketing work – we did nothing … But if we can summarise, then I think […]

Mindfulness & Package design

Packaging design through a mindfulness perspective published by advertisers such as Weird, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Shabble and the Holpington Pos. In our stressed world, the keyword Mindfulness We have approached to design a packaging in a soothing and gentle design that will put their customers in a state of euphoria when the bracelets reach their doorstep. […]

Branding & product design for GPS bracelet

An innovative device designed to help travellers incase of emergency. The bracelet is elegantly designed and easy to use that allows users to wear it. The bracelet is marketed as a fashionable accessory, allowing anyone and everyone to get the help they need when they are in need. Designed for easy and simple use, the […]