Unboxing experience and package design for 32N


A package design and visual identity for the only adaptive sunglasses. From sunglasses to reading glasses brand. 32N by Deep Optics Creating an exclusive unboxing experience for a the superhero glasses brand, 32N by Deep Optics, the only adaptive sunglasses, from sunglasses to reading glasses The glasses packaging is crafted from a rigid white cardboard, […]

Cuspa. Brand identity, digital design and typography

Cuspa Brand NotFRomHere

Visual identity for Israel’s leading heartcare company Cuspa, is a heart care company. NotFromHere has designed a new identity that establishes an iconic and bald brand. The identity is based on a bold, modern logo that uses minimalistic symbols to create the story of the brand. The challenge for the design team was to deliver […]

Identity and packaging for Leibish Ltd.’s known range of luxury fancy color diamonds.


A visual identity for the world’s most famous fancy color diamonds brand. Leibish, Exclusive premium package design. Creating an exclusive luxury packaging experience for a brand, Leibish specializing in fancy color diamonds. The unboxing process guides the recipient on a captivating journey, gradually revealing the exquisite diamonds nestled within. The jewlery packaging is crafted from […]

All-In 2023 Variety. Fundraising Event

Variety Cards AllIn2023 branding event

A surprising “All-In 2023” fundraising event in Tel Aviv, hosted more than 1000 poker players to put their best game and donate all wins to Vareity children. All-In 2023. Variety Fundraising  Event Identity, graphic language, logo, and color system for All-In 2023 fundraising event in Tel-Aviv. NotFromHere team has created a video grid, visual language, […]

Flow. Video Art Installation for Venice Biennale

Art installation video mapping Gili Barshay GNA Architect

In a world of change. GN Architects architectural installation for the Venice Biennale 2023, “Time, Space & Existence”. Proposes to create a connecting line between the Dead Sea to the Red Sea. Flow. The 3rd Challenge Wrapping around the walls 360 video mapping room for GNA architects. Presenting the evolution of water between two seas. […]

KmoBaTeva. Brand identity, digital design and typography


A visual identity for the world’s most “natural living water pools” technology. KmoBaTeva. Only water, nothing else. While adhering to a minimal Carbon Footprint agenda, KmoBateva has introduced cutting-edge technology that eliminates the need for harmful chemicals in preserving the state of Living Water, thereby fostering a secure haven for all living beings. With state-of-the-art […]

ALPHABETA. Brand identity, digital design and typography

NotFromHere Brand Agency visual identity Alphabeta

A Tel-Aviv based global hedge funds firm that is at the frontier of advanced technological and academic investment systems To create a strong, bold and confident brand identity, to go along the lines of ALPHABETA approach, NotFromHere team developed a typographic approach, inspired by the green arrow indicated trading is higher today then previous day […]

QArt Medical. Branding

Brand identity for an international medical-tech brand for improving IVF success rates by improving sperm cell selection The brief was to bring the brand identity in line with the advanced technology. To tell the story to the investors of a company moving forward—as a modern, confident, technology-savvy company. NotFromHere has focused on the letter ‘Q’ […]

Haifa Parking. Signage & Environmental Graphic


Name, identity and signage design for innovative parking solutions in Haifa city.  The inspiration for the logo design was the traditional parking sign, to give the brand a solid appearance.  Parking signs are considered traffic direction signs, initially designed in blue with the classic Frutiger font. The graphic language includes icons & signage design. A […]

Tropx. Branding for fitness tech company


A fusion experience for a fitness-tech brand. A complete brand visual identity for professional athletes wearable technology. This new partnership with Tropx delivered unleashed fusion mix of holistic, traditional, and kicking-out technology sports brands. The graphic language redefines how training is experienced for proffesionals. From the straight forward message: Born to win to the distinguish […]

IM76. Branding of the future mask


Redefining how CBRN branding experience should be. Continuing working with Impertech, we have helped them unleash this innovative product to the market. A new & very innovative CBRN brand. At NotFromHere we were looking to get a unified look everywhere. Using an old army typeface inspired by the lettering seen on the old soldier’s bags. Combined with […]

Woojer Vest3. Package design. Ready. Play. Feel.


Package design for the extraordinary contemporary Woojer VEST3. The premium package combines the immersive experience of full-color sleeve & a recyclable kraft package.  The elegant presentation and packaging for the woojer vest3 featured both a fun and playful look into the world of gaming experience.  This is a complete branding experience delivered within a package […]

SAF Infinitum. Redent Nova Branding & Packaging


Classic corporate identity for the new innovative dental root canal treatment by Redent Nova. The SAF Infinitum. The brand identity focuses on the new therapeutic solution using material that can change its shape. The eternal shape of the S is inspired by the shape of the root canal itself. The idea behind the graphic solution […]

Haifa urban nature magazine. Haifa2030 publication


Magazine design that looks at urban nature progress in Haifa city in Israel. The magazine explores the development of the different urban nature projects within Haifa municipality. The magazine contains 8 articles about the groundbreaking progress that is happening in Haifa. Full colors pages that illustrate the narrative of the urban nature story in Haifa. […]

Covid19-Anti virus protection

Dynamic, positive with social brand awareness. Visual identity and packaging for a new Covid-19 virus protection treatment The visualization language was designed to improve health & performance messages. The color plate was combined with a mixture of colors in a very mellow and soft cloudy touch The symbol design follows the process of the way […]

Woojer Strap Package design for gamers super sound addicts

woojer|עיצוב אריזות|עיצוב פריסה|אביזרים לגיימרים|קריאטיב

Design and development packaging for a contemporary virtual reality gadget that enhances the music experience while playing on the Sony PlayStation and Xbox. For heavy users hearing PinkFloyd with this, it’s a multi-sensory listening experience The graphic design team developed the unique dieline to work across the whole brand look. The strap & the accessories, each […]

Joovy528 National Park collection. Brand Identity, Packaging

joovy528 national park collection illustration design visual design

Brand Identity for a new collection by Joovy. Joovy 528 is a private collection of unique babies & kids products. We feel everyone should take action for what they believe in.  We have chosen to support nature and raise awareness for endangered animals to ensure the continuation of the circle of life. To support the […]

Veidan. Brand Identity for Conferencing Solutions


Brand identity for a conferencing call services company. Building on the prestige Veidan company had NotFromHere created the new and fresh brand identity to reflect the new energy. The design team created a full scale of icons made out from the brand symbol. The symbol itself is built based on the letter V. The color […]

Neat. Brand Identity


Brand identity for Neat, a multidisciplinary engineering & technology company that delivers product innovation. The Neat logo appears in white and bright orange. It features the three lines in place of the full letter E, which reference the innovative mind of the company, and its core message – expanding boundaries. The design team’s approach & […]

Neat. The Online digital look

Neat Web NotFromHere Brand Agency

Reimaging the new online digital look of Neat, as part of the holistic strategic branding process we did together with NEAT team. Through a series of strategic and creative meetings we have defined the new look, we would like to have for the brand 2022 face. The biggest challenge was to create a simple yet […]

Lifebuoy, Pool Safety alarm. Brand identity & packaging design


A visual identity, brand positioning, product package design and digital design for Lifebuoy, pool safety alarm systems The branding positioning Lifebuoy as the new front-line pool safety alarm brand. Presenting the new Bcone as the next generation of the pool saftey alarm  Using a dominant relationship between red and light blue. The red represents the […]

Haifa City. Branding & Digital design and development

logo design graphic design i love haifa logo

A visual identity that represents Haifa municipality’s professional consulting division Haifa2030. The new logo is designed from three letters that reference the different citizen’s groups who live in Haifa and also symbolizes the multiculturalism that is so typical for the city view. The main symbol that replaces the letter “I” is a reference to one […]

Upright. Branding & Packaging design

Packaging design for Upright Pose, the posture trainer device, founded by Oded Cohen. Upright emphasises how we sit and stand during the day. The focus in packaging design was the opening experience of packaging. And the space created around the product. The graphical dialogue between the green and the white played a role on the […]

Joovy. Rebranding to a leading company in the field of children & babies’ products

מכירות באמזון |NotFromHere Design Studio|Amazon Sale |Joovy- Be Good| אריזות|עיצוב פריסה|מוצרים לפעוטות וילדים|

Rebranding graphic language for one of the world’s leading companies in the field of children’s and baby products. The company donates some of its profits to the National Park Foundation. The choice to use cardboard craft with two colors printing comes from a place of strengthening the environmental vision. Along with the development of graphic […]

Package design for Covid-19 test kit

NotFromHere | Covid19 Test | עיצוב אריזה | עיצוב אריזה לבדיקה לקורונה

COVID-19 test kit for personal domestic use. During the quarantine, we have developed a package for companies that wanted to provide a quick and high-quality solution for a home test for the Coronavirus. The project involved planning, designing, and manufacturing a package for the home test of the coronavirus. The kit was designed to be […]

GoCube by Particula Branding & Packaging Design


Package design for a smart toys brand that has, innovation, technology and playfulness at its core The smart version of the Rubic Cube – A smart product with smart packaging. The design concept was to create an experience of packaging that follows the experience of using the product. The way to play the cube, turning […]

4Troop Security Company Branding


Developing and building a brand, marketing messages and website for an international security training company to impart knowledge and consulting in the fields of combat and security. The company is a leader in the field of training and transferring knowledge in many combat fields and operates worldwide  The logo design, the symbol was based on […]

Plasmatica Brand Identity health care device company


A new brand identity system designed for a startup medical technology company that helps surgeons perform better surgeries. The innovative device that keeps the vision clear. The brand identity visualizes blurred view becoming clear vision using PlasmaShield. The super-light font selection for the logo, with a lot of spacing and air, communicates clarity and clear vision. The black and […]

Green Tea Everyday. Beverages Branding

Brand language, visual identity, look & feel of Green Tea Everyday. The new design boosted brand sales by hundreds of percents NotFromHere was asked to create a brand in the category that is actually new. Natural green tea extracts without preservatives. The request was to create a current, dynamic and very Instagram brand, a brand […]

Woojer Vest. Package design for gamers

woojer|עיצוב אריזות|עיצוב פריסה|אביזרים לגיימרים|קריאטיב

Package design for a contemporary virtual reality gadget that explores the boundaries of the gaming experience. The package design has to have the same kick as the product.  The work was divided into 3 sections: Planing of the dieline, dieline structure, graphic design of the package, from defining the most efficient way to package such […]

Dream Changer Branding and creative for tools for practical dreaming

מיתוג |  creative | פיתוח שפה מיתוגית | עיצוב אריזות | Packaging | עיצוב אריזות | NotFromHere

Brand Identity, packaging & holistic graphic language followed by cards design for a new brand that encourages dreaming and discovery by the learning of the practical tools behind dreaming. Dream changer has been set up as a new tools and  information to understand our dreams within the modern life. The Dream Changer identity is derived […]

MyHeritage DNA kit. Package Design

עיצוב אריזה ל

Packaging design for dynamic testing kit for the international brand “My Heritage DNA”, which combines technology and family tradition They contacted us to design a case for their DNA test kit, which is to be sent to customers from around the worldת ordering online DNA test kits. The kit was the first offline “MyHeritage” product […]

StoryBall Smart Toy Branding & Package Design

Graphic design and packaging Design for the brand, StoryBall, Smart Toys brand for kids combining, creativity, fun and technology The use of Gray Board creates an additional packaging experience that later also becomes the stand of the product. The use of the sleeve allows the use of the same packaging for different characters with the […]

Ice Cure. Health care company branding

מיתוג| מיתוג אייסקיור| מיתוג אסטרטגי|NOTFROMHERE| ICECURE Branding

Branding, developing brand identity for a company that has developed cancer treatment with the help of innovative freezing technology The new branding illustrates the innovative treatment in an abstract way. A treatment that turns the tumor into an ice ball

Rivulis. Digital Online Presence

Web site design & digital identity for the innovative irrigation company The large scale solutions & products the company offers created an super complicated UI & UX challenge. Visit: rivulis.com

Bcozzy. Branding Packaging & Digital


A brand identity for a company that sells directly to the the consumer travel pillows for the road, planes, cars or travel by train and to any road crossing. The brand offers unique patented travel pillows for neck support. The Road To Comfort The competition on the shelves at the airports is extremely challenging for […]

Everysight. Smart AR Sun Glasses Package Design

everysight-raptor-boxes-by NotFromHere

NotFromHere has created a smart package for “smart sunglasses”, which will be used for two types of packages. The single package and the bundle, the single package can be adapted for bundle by changing one blister. Everysight, a developer of high-end wearable technology, contacted us to design packaging for their product. The package contains sophisticated […]

Suit.Case. Art book Design

Book design for the Shahar Dor artist entirely dedicated to the SuitCase project presented worldwide. Dor wanted the book to take the viewer on a journey. Similar to the same journey, the viewer goes through the performance, but in a completely different media. Graphic experience of visual arts.

FilmPlatform. Online steaming services platform

Branding and strategy for the documentaries films platform, filmplatform.net. Streaming Services for watching online documentaries films for the Academy. FilmPlatform.net The solution required was to educate the target audience. We were required to build a new brand that presents an innovative way of watching documentaries for the academic institutions. Beyond the world of catalogs to […]

Port Cafe. Restaurant Branding


Brand identity for a Mediterranean fusion restaurant located in Caesarea Israel’s old harbor. The new branding has taken the restaurant into the new decade while maintaining classic lines with typographic treatment combining the two languages Hebrew & English The approach for the branding came from two different directions. On one hand, maintaining the classic and […]

Story. Fashion retail magazine

עיצוב קטלוג אופנה - NFH

Design a fashion catalog for the contemporary ״Story״ brand. A chain of stores selling a contemporary collection of the world’s leading fashion brands. “Story” a fashion store chain that imports high quality brands from around the world. Story wanted to design a fashion catalog that will look like a fashion magazine with emphasis on the […]

VBOX – Google Android TV Gateway Package

This is the first tv product that supports Google Assistant. The brief was to create a radical change in brand visibility in order to position the brand with the changes and to bring the value of innovation and breakthrough that have happened over the years in VBox A sleeve branded package with a use of […]

Academic Center for Business & Law. Branding

Re-branding (for what it means … work based on existing graphic elements and a given color palette) for the Ramat Gan Academic Center for Business and Business The branding process included building the entire graphic language, from the logo design in two languages, Hebrew and English, the slogan design and the development of all the […]

Timna NYC. Nir Mesika’s chef restaurant

מיתוג ועיצוב לוגו למסעדה TIMNA NYC - NFH

Branding and Graphic Language for Timna NYC Restaurant. The restaurant was selected as one of the top 10 best restaurants in the US. We have developed the brand of Timna Restaurant in New York with the help of Chief Chef Nir Messika and a team of creative staff. The branding was to  connect between the […]

PaTeam. Automation company branding

PaTeam branding by NFH

Brand identity for a technology company that provides automation processes for companies in the global markets. Pa-Team wanted their branding to feel somewhere young and sophisticated, but at the same time to transmit wisdom, knowledge and automation. We created a graphic language that works in line with all brand values, color that characterised the mindset […]

Hotel Crowne Plaza. Branding & Signage Design


Crowne Plaza branding. An international network of hotels have contacted us to design the signage & brand for their new Crowne Plaza Postpalais hotel in Berlin. The Postpalais Hotel is housed in an old and famous Berlin building that used to be a post office. When we started working on the signage, we decided to […]

Beach Bar. Branding and Digital design


Branding, graphic language and digital creative for the Beach Bar, an “institution” that’s located on the beach of Caesarea. Building and developing a language that combines elements of surfing and the lifestyle of surfers..

Tortuga Surfer׳s Stand. Package Design

עיצוב אריזה לסטנד לגלשן

Branding and packaging design for an aerodynamic product that draws elements and inspiration from the water and surf worlds. But still maintains classic lines, Tortuga. A stand For a surfboard The packaging was designed using EFlute cardboard, combining one-colour printing and using of stickers on the back of the packaging, a reference drawn from the […]

Park Bavli. Parking signage design and branding

Branding of Bavli Towers and creating a design system for the orientation of the parking lot. 6000 square meters of car parking design. Designing a car parking .. It’s really crazy it doesn’t just sound like that. Three floors of underground parking, which in the future will branch into five vacant parking lots. An underground […]

101Cafe. Food & Beverages Design


Branding, packaging and creative for a new coffee brand with environmental and social values. The choice of the design language was driven by the desire to create a brand with unique visibility in order to differentiate within the category

RideOn. Package design and Unique DieLine

RideOn עיצוב אריזות למשקפי סקי

designing for a smart ski goggles brand. A brand that engraved on it’s own flag, innovation, technology and an extreme sport as it’s cornerstone Because of the nature of the product, the packaging solution was very challenging. We have created a case that functions both as packaging and as a case for the glasses. So […]

Joovy. Creative direction for babies and kids brand


Developing a brand and a creative language for Joovy, one of the top leading American companies in the baby industry. Joovy has entered a new category, the baby feeding category. In order to be eye catching and stand out in a very competitive category, we have created a baby brand whose color palette was black, […]

WellBe Package. The mindfulness bracelet package

עיצוב אריזה לצמיד חכם - NFH

Stress relief bracelet. The WellBe gadget knows how to update at any given moment what’s your pulse status. This project runs between a tech gadget and a fashionable accessory. We tend to call it the mindfulness of  the”wearable technology” WellBe startup had won several awards. First phase of the project was packaging for a Kickstarter […]

KeePad Branding & Packaging Design

עיצוב אריזה למותג KeePad

A young and fashionable brand of functional accessories for different uses for home use. The packaging follows the triangular shape of the product and produces a handy package that is compatible with both the product’s delivery on-line orders and in-store display Packaging design that combines strong typographic elements that communicate the product in a humorous […]

MaMe. Branding, Packaging & Digital design

Branding, packaging design, digital design, website for a fashion brand branding campaigns for moms and babies accessories that are all about improving the movement and being of mom and baby A new lifestyle brand for moms. Founder by ultra-Orthodox woman from Jerusalem

City Dress. Art Installation

Bringing art to the streets of Tel Aviv Exhibition. An event aimed at bringing art to the city streets. We were selected among other 30 other designers and artists to develop a unique design to the project. The event took place as part of White Night’s events in Tel Aviv. For the project, we at […]

de’Plus. Wrapping the office walls around

An office wall design that developed as part of the brand DNA & values. The attention of using your brand values as part of the interior design the office creates a full scale harmony look of the brand With great love for print, The Urban Traveler Notebook is a publication that brings together all the […]

Grutarally. NFH Rally sponsorship

NFH Rally. A cross-border rally, the group took part in the Allgau Orient Rally from Germany to Jordan, through destinations such as Austria, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Turkey. The branding included designs for cars, team shirts, hats and more. The group traveled from Germany to Jordan with the slogan “Rally NFH – Follow the […]

Serenity Movers. Branding

עיצו ומיתוג לחברת הובלה מניו יורק - NFH

Branding, graphic design and visibility for Serenity Movers. A company that advocates environmental, sustainability and green values. Serenity Movers contacted us to take part in their branding process, creating a language that also produces very dominant street visibility – and values ​​of the environment

Cochav Hayam. Branding & Digital


Branding, digital, print, Marketing and signage materials for “Chchav Hayam”, a beautiful venue and wedding events hall located on Caesarea seaside Connecting the digital experience with the on-the-spot experience www.kochavhayam.co.il.

Indigo. Catering Branding

Indigo, a boutique chef’s kitchen in Israel The catering branding was part of the branding process we did for both complexes “AlHayam” and “ChochavHaya.” The Indigo philosophy advocates the use of fresh local ingredients and simple dishes. We wanted to create branding based on the same approach. We also wanted to incorporate different elements from […]

Oppenheim Music. Branding, disc design and art


Branding, disc design and art for music clip for the musician, oppenheim The studio’s staff accompanied the musician from building the music brand to working on art in clips. The work on the disc was accompanied by processing photographs and graphics.

Plaza hotel NYC- Eloise’s Store

Working with first-class architectural firms to improve designs to the smallest details. NFH has a huge and direct impact on store design and signage.  As part of Plaza’s retail branding efforts. For the heritage of Plaza’s most iconic and impressive illustrated character Eloise, designed by the book (Elosie: A book for precocious grown-ups) working on […]


הגרובטרון - עיצוב לוגו ע"י NFH

Working with the band, was an amazing experience for the NFH team. The special and exceptional band members were an immediate inspiration for working with us on the creative. Working with their bursting personality in a crazy set of photos in an old knob factory, we built an artistic world together with photographer Raanan Tal […]

White. Wedding house branding


Strategic creative development at print, art direction (Photography) and digital design for White – House in the country, which hosts weddings and events. Development of graphic language for the brand, digital marketing strategy to launch new branding, website and social media creative content.

Al Hayam – Wedding Venue

Branding and design for the wedding and events venue, “AlHayam”, located on the coast of Caesarea. The studio created a branding that combines elements of nature together with the visibility that transmits style, fashion and strong brand. Branding and design aimed at emphasising the connection to nature, simplicity and purity along with maintaining values ​​of […]